Renting out property is tough.

It’s filled with struggles, anxieties and headaches, but it doesn’t need to be this way. With our St. Paul property management services, you can enjoy a steady income from your home, apartment or investment without the stress.

Going The Extra Step

To satisfy our clients, we take the extra step. We quickly respond to concerns. We give expert advice, and we even provide additional services like property investments, real estate brokerage and caring for temporarily vacant homes.

Property Management Tip: What To Do About Pets?

If you do decide to let a critter or two take residence in your home, here are four things you should consider.

  1. Cute Does Not Equal Angel – Residents love their pets, so much they are blissfully or willfully ignorant of their behavioral issues. Their adorable friend may even seem like a great pet when you meet them, but don’t be deceived by first impressions. Get references or vet records before making a decision. Know what you’re getting into before you let them in.
  2. Add A Monthly Fee and Deposit – You’re taking a risk, and for that risk, you should be compensated.
  3. Double Check The Rules – Cities, HOAs and your insurance all have different rules about pets and breeds, restricting the types of pets/breeds allowed, and in the case of your insurance, what types of animal will be covered under your liability policy. You might find, as many landlords do, that certain dog breeds aren’t allowed, discouraged or not covered.
  4. Age – Pups and kittens will find trouble, and that’s fine. It’s all part of growing up, but as a landlord, you don’t want your property to suffer from their growing pains: accidents, chewing, scratching, ect. Requiring pets to be a year old and potty-trained is a good idea.

Dealing with residents and their pets can be tricky. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek guidance. Learn more from the St. Paul property management experts at Tradewind.

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