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You have a home to rent, but going into the rental business is a lot of work. Take a load off and let the top property management company in Minneapolis get the job done for you.  Email us or give us a call at 763-657-1957 to find out more.

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Property management isn’t all we do. We’ve found that customers often need help with many facets of real estate. We assist with property investments, using our years of experience to help clients make sound decisions for their future. We also help clients find the right deal when buying or selling a home or business with our real estate brokerage. Last of all, we take care of vacant homes. Whether its snowbirds, a vacation home or just someone between spots, clients rest easy knowing that we’re looking out for their place.

Our clients’ situations vary, but one thing never changes: our great service. Whatever your situation, Tradewind Properties will ensure you’re well-represented and satisfied.

Property Management Tips:  3 Changes You Shouldn’t Let Tenants Make

You might have amazing tenants. Unfortunately, good things just don’t seem to last, and one day, you’ll be looking for new tenants after the old ones move on. The new tenants might not like the alterations made to the place by the old tenants. That’s why you should say no to these 3 things.

  1. Cut-outs for A/C units. Changes like these aren’t always easy to reverse. That’s why it’s better to suggest window units.
  2. Basketball hoops attached to exterior structures. Who doesn’t love a good game of hoops? More people than you might imagine. Removing the blemishes of an unwanted backboard is tough, time consuming and even a bit expensive. That’s why it’s better to redirect your basketball loving tenants to portable hoops.
  3. Painting over original brick. Your tenants might love the color blue. In fact, they love it so much they want to paint over that beautiful brick façade accentuating your fireplace. Tell them to hold off before they go to the hardware store to get their blue paint and brushes. Most people enjoy natural brick and removing the paint after the fact is a tedious project.  

Any time a resident wants to change something diminishing the functionality or the appeal of your place, don’t be afraid to say no. After all, you are the one that has to live with those decisions the longest.

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